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Video Surveillance

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Dahua Technology is a world-leading and advanced video surveillance solution provider since 2001. Dahua provides complete range of product lines and solutions for a wide spectrum of industry segments to cater different needs. Omni-directional Protection / Upgrading Experience All the different product mix offers a flexible and ponderable solution to fit your requirements. You can find a complete set of solutions including retail, safe residential, smart home, commercial building, banking and mobile in this guide. Each solution is more specific and combines with cutting edge technology; Dahua are given to enhance security features to provide you with peace of mind and security.


Design Points

Video Surveillance

Bullet cameras on fixed targets, such as racks and cashier desks; WDR cameras to deal with brightness contrast, entrances for example; HD PTZ cameras for panoramic monitoring; IR cameras monitor on warehouse and other places where are dim or in complete darkness.

Access Control

Unique authentication to every single staff; Integrated with fire & alarm system, doors are automatically open when an emergency occurs.

Analysis & Reporting Video

Content Analysis (VCA) for counting and reporting.

POS Integration

POS OSD on camera for each sales item; and sales data linked to recording file.

Environment Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and display on warehouse humidity and temperature.


Safe Residential Area

Design Points

  • Video intercom, safe access management.
  • Remote control by PC and mobile phone.
  • Video Content Analysis (VCA) for counting and reporting.
  • Real-time video surveillance and alarm.
  • Vehicle access control management.




Smart Home

Design Points

  • TCP/IP, SIP protocol for video intercom.
  • Compatible with 6 security sensors.
  • Real-time video surveillance.
  • Wireless smart home control.
  • TV control.
  • Remote control by mobile phones.


Commercial Building


Design Points

  • HDCVI video surveillance, coaxial HD, long-distance & non-latency transmission.
  • Intrusion alarmactivates video recheck. Vehicle access control, tracking and guidance by LPR (License Plate Recognition).
  • Real-time monitoring of access event and door status.
  • Time/attendance info; visitors management. Multi-site control.



Design Points

Video Surveillance

  • Outdoor: 1080p HDCVI infrared cameras for day and night monitoring.
  • Indoor: 1080p HDCVI WDR cameras for clear capturing and instant detection for forensics end.
  • Hallway: 1080p HDCVI infrared cameras for illegal invasion prevention.
  • Office area: 1080p HDCVI infrared dome cameras for office monitoring in case of internal property loss.


Smoke detector, infrared sensor and alarm devices are adopted; for example, emergency alarm buttons at the counter, smoke detectors in the hall and office area, and these alarm signals are all connected to the monitor/alarm host and uploaded to the control center for instant monitoring and recording. Broadcast and pickup in the lobby, two-way talk at each counter.

What is HDCVI?

HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface)is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard which developed in-house by Dahua. The technology renders two HD video formats —1080p and 720p, providing longer transmission, HD quality affordable cost.




Points Self-service Sector

Facial: 700TVL low-light or WDR pinhole camera to have an overview facial monitioring;

Cash Input Slot: 700 TVL low-light pinhole camera to monitor whether the cash has been taken out;

Cash Output Slot: 700TVL low-light camera to see whether the cash has been properly and correctly fed in;

Lobby: 700TVL low-light camera to have an overview monitoring in case of any emergencies such as fighting, theft or robbery.


Emergency alarm buttons, smoke detectors, infrared sensors and other alarm devices are installed, all signals will be connected to the monitor/alarm host and uploaded to the control center for instant monitoring and recording; Broadcast and pickups system: the center can broadcast to deter crimes.

Dahua integrated mobile solution includes a full product portfolio ranging from cameras, storage devices, along with in-house software, video wall display and accessories. The solution is ideal for buses, trucks, police cars, metros, ambulances and etc., which improves safety and simplify the work on fleet dispatch and management.

Gps Satellite


Wireless Environment

Auto switch to Wi-Fi from 3G and do video data backup at bus station.


Case Study

Solutions: Category 6, Wire, Cable, Data, Fiber Optics, Security, Industrial, Commercial, Buildings, Apartment Buildings, HOA’s, Condo Corps, Warehouses and Shopping Complexes.

We service Doral, Miami-Dade, Broward County, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, Brickell Florida USA.