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Secure and Encrypted

Fonax Video Presence.

Is the ideal video conference & telepresence solution for companies of all sizes.

Virtual Presence

Secure, cost efficient, and provides a feeling of proximity. Utilizing the highest level of development of Video & Audio mixing solutions, providing access from various geographical locations which optimizes costs for companies & organizations.


100% secure communication within your own encrypted network to avoid undesired leaks.


Fully integrated solution that offers various video qualities depending on the available bandwidth in each session or point.


Stay communicated with video sessions straight from your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC.


Video Conference recording is configurable depending on the security level established by the company.


  • Fonax fulfills the highest standards of audio and video quality, offering up to 1080p HD Video.
  • Access from any Video device that meets SIP standards.
  • Access from mobile devices.
  • Capacity to connect from an internet browser.
  • You can invite others to your video conferences without having to install any software on their PCs.
  • Recording Video Conferences / Tele Presence with HD quality in standard format MP4, whose videos can be played on any standard video playback device, such as PCs, DVD Players, Smart TVs, among others. Schedule your video conferences for specific dates / times with or without expiration time.
  • Schedule your video conferences for specific dates / times with or without expiration dates.
  • Capacity for up to 16 remote points in a single session.
  • Video Quality flexible and adjustable to the available bandwidth, offering from resolutions that require less than 200k of bandwidth (QCIF), to resolutions of 1080p HD that use 2mpbs per session.
  • Control panel to adjust screen layout in real time. Moderator control panel to be able to grant people “priority speaker” abilities.

Solutions: Category 6, Wire, Cable, Data, Fiber Optics, Security, Industrial, Commercial, Buildings, Apartment Buildings, HOA’s, Condo Corps, Warehouses and Shopping Complexes.

We service Doral, Miami-Dade, Broward County, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, Brickell Florida USA.