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Unified Communications/ Ultra Secure Ip PBX

IP Enterprise Communication Systems

Fonax Enterprise Communication Systems Are specially designed for large corporations, governments and companies that have to meet the telephony needs of today’s world, by implementing the latest generation of IP Communications Systems with high availability / fault tolerance features, Reliability, advanced functionality, security, and control over communications. Fonax Enterprise Communication Systems (ECS) Integrates all the functions necessary for large corporations into a single hardware, maintaining an excellent price / value ratio, both in the software / hardware solution and in the post-sale services.



Up to 2000 users


Video Conferences



Auto Attendant

Call recording


Security encryption

Fonax Enterprise Distributed

With the Fonax Enterprise Distributed Scheme, we offer a solution with redundancy, flexibility and scalability for large companies. This scheme allows to grow the capacity of the communications in a dynamic way, so that the solution will never be limited to a specific hardware, besides having the redundancy required in applications of critical mission, additional servers can be added so that a Solution can grow with virtually no limits.
Due to the architecture and integration between Hardware and Software, Fonax offers one of the most reliable solutions in the market, with Active / Passive redundancy at the server level and internal redundancy capabilities.
Solutions: Category 6, Wire, Cable, Data, Fiber Optics, Security, Industrial, Commercial, Buildings, Apartment Buildings, HOA’s, Condo Corps, Warehouses and Shopping Complexes.

We service Doral, Miami-Dade, Broward County, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, Brickell Florida USA.