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Dahua Technology is a world-leading and advanced video surveillance solution provider since 2001. Dahua provides complete range of product lines and solutions for a wide spectrum of industry segments to cater different needs.

Omni-directional Protection / Upgrading Experience

All the different product mix offers a flexible and ponderable solution to fit your requirements. You can find a complete set of solutions including retail, safe residential, smart home, commercial building, banking and mobile in this guide. Each solution is more specific and combines with cutting edge technology; Dahua are given to enhance security features to provide you with peace of mind and security.


Design Points

Video Surveillance

Bullet cameras on fixed targets, such as racks and cashier desks; WDR cameras to deal with brightness contrast, entrances for example; HD PTZ cameras for panoramic monitoring; IR cameras monitor on warehouse and other places where are dim or in complete darkness.

Access Control

Unique authentication to every single staff; Integrated with fire & alarm system, doors are automatically open when an emergency occurs.

Analysis & Reporting

Video Content Analysis (VCA) for counting and reporting.

POS Integration

POS OSD on camera for each sales item; and sales data linked to recording file.

Environment Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and display on warehouse humidity and temperature.

Store Protection

Warehouse Monitor

Customer Counting

Access Control

Customer Counting



4/8CH 720P Smart 1U



1Megapixel 720P Water-proof

HDCVI IR-Bullet Camera


1Megapixel 720P Water-proof

HDCVI IR-Bullet Camera


1Megapixel 720P IR

HDCVI Mini Dome Camera

Safe Residential Area

Design Points

Video intercom, safe access management.

Remote control by PC and mobile phone.

Video Content Analysis (VCA) for counting and reporting.

Real-time video surveillance and alarm.

Vehicle access control management.


ITS 1 Megapixel

All-in-one Camera


2Mp Full HD 12x/20x/30x

Ultra-high Speed Network

IR PTZ Dome Camera


7- Inch Color Indoor



Outdoor Station



Outdoor Station


3Megapixel Full HD

Network Vandal-proof

PT Dome Camera


2Megapixel Full HD

Network Small IR-Bullet Camera


4/8CH Smart 1U NVR

Smart Home

Design Points

TCP/IP, SIP protocol for video intercom.

Compatible with 6 security sensors.

Real-time video surveillance.

Wireless smart home control.

TV control.

Remote control by mobile phones.

Light Control


Outdoor Station

Indoor Monitor

Curtain Control






Family Intelligent



7- Inch Color Indoor



Villa Outdoor



4CH Smart Box 4PoE

Network Video Recorder


1.3Mp HD Cube

Network Camera

Commercial Building

Design Points

HDCVI video surveillance, coaxial HD, long-distance & non-latency transmission.

Intrusion alarmactivates video recheck.

Vehicle access control, tracking and guidance by LPR (License Plate Recognition).

Real-time monitoring of access event and door status.

Time/attendance info; visitors management.

Multi-site control.


Ialarm panel, 4-channel

video input, 8-channel

alarm input


Integrated host,

Touch key + LCD screen input


Collect the information

of two parking space.


Embedded automatic

license plate

recognition algorithm.


Design Points

Video Surveillance

Outdoor: 1080p HDCVI infrared cameras for day and night monitoring.

Indoor: 1080p HDCVI WDR cameras for clear capturing and instant detection for forensics end.

Hallway: 1080p HDCVI infrared cameras for illegal invasion prevention.

Office area: 1080p HDCVI infrared dome cameras for office monitoring in case of internal property loss.


Smoke detector, infrared sensor and alarm devices are adopted; for example, emergency

alarm buttons at the counter, smoke detectors in the hall and office area, and these alarm

signals are all connected to the monitor/alarm host and uploaded to the control center for

instant monitoring and recording.

Broadcast and pickup in the lobby, two-way talk at each counter.

What is HDCVI?

HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface)is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard which developed in-house by Dahua. The technology renders two HD video formats —1080p and 720p, providing longer transmission, HD quality affordable cost.


4/8/16CH Tribrid HDCVI

& Analog & IP 1.5U DVR


4/8/16CH Tribrid HDCVI

& Analog & IP 2U DVR


2Megapixel 1080P Water-

proof HDCVI IR-Bullet



2Megapixel 1080P Water-

proof HDCVI IR-Bullet



2Megapixel 1080P


HDCVI IR Dome Camera


Design Points

Self-service Sector

Facial: 700TVL low-light or WDR pinhole camera to have an overview facial monitioring;

Cash Input Slot: 700 TVL low-light pinhole camera to monitor whether the cash has been taken out;

Cash Output Slot: 700TVL low-light camera to see whether the cash has been properly and correctly fed in;

Lobby: 700TVL low-light camera to have an overview monitoring in case of any emergencies such as fighting, theft or robbery.


Emergency alarm buttons, smoke detectors, infrared sensors and other alarm devices are installed, all signals will be

connected to the monitor/alarm host and uploaded to the control center for instant monitoring and recording;

Broadcast and pickups system: the center can broadcast to deter crimes.

Cash Slot

(Pinhole Camera)

Face Recognition

(Pinhole Camera)

The Whole Self-service Area

(IR Fixed Camera or 360 dgree camera)




Mega-HDIS Day/Night

Water-proof IR-Bullet



Mega-HDIS Water-proof IR

Mini Dome Camera


700TVL (WDR) Pinhole



Dahua integrated mobile solution includes a full product portafolio ranging form cameras, storage devices, along with in-house software, video wall display and accessories. The solution is ideal for buses, trucks, police cars, metros, ambulances and etc., which improves safety and simplify the work on fleet dispatch and management.


Tv Wall


Wireless Environment

Auto switch to Wi-fi from 3G and do video data backup at bus station.

GPS for easy vehicle locating on E-map.Information such as location (GPS), speed, alarms (over-speed, over-load, low-speed and etc.) are uploaded and shown on client-end.

Master-Slave Tracking allows quick and accurate detection.

Speed dome can tag and track the target quickly the second it gets into the defined area or triggers the alarm.

Electronic Fence allows users to set speed limit zone, driving zone, forbidden zone, departure zone and arrival zone for detection and alarming.

G-sensor chip enable to push alarm to platform and client-end when a vehicle has an emergency stop, loss of balance, crash and etc.


4CH 960H Mobile DVR


4CH 960H Mobile


4/8CH 960H Mobile


4CH PoE Mobile


HDIS Mobile Dome


HDIS IR Mobile


Case Study

More Projects in


Dahua Megapixel IP Solution

Secures Economic Pillar Industry in Morocco

Industrial Case Study Background


OCP group, headquartered in Morocco, is a global leader in phosphate and its derivatives industry—it is the world’s largest exporter of phosphate rock and phosphoric acid. Its production site had been equipped with analog system for several years and the video surveillance system failed to provide any useful information after an incident. Thus, OCP group decided to level up their security by adding Dahua HD IP solution as a complementary and a replacement of its old DVRs.


Clear and crystal monitoring image was on top of the list; meanwhile, due to its large and wide production site, it is important to decide where to deploy and install cameras, both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, since the manufacturing base was secured by different branding devices, product compatibility becomes a key issue.


Dahua 1.3/2-megapixel network speed domes provide real-time recording at high definitions with maximum 100-meter IR distance, ensuring a wide visual range at night as well as other poor-lighting conditions; domes’ ingress protection rating is up to IP67 and IK10 to be against harsh weathers. NVR3216 supports maximum 120fps@1080P recording and accommodates two HDDs for data storage.

Fiancial Institution

Dahua Technology Enhances Security

for Bank BMCI in Morocco


Banque Marocaine du Commerce et de l'Industrie(BMCI ), located in Morocco, is a subsidiary of the French financial group BNP Paribas. With ever growing business and out of the security concern, the bank decided to level up its analog security system, including its 250 branches throughout Morocco.


It is a large-scale project as there are plenty of branches are scattered throughout the country and the system should be connected and work as a network. And of course, the basic request is that the system has to be stable, smooth and 24/7 reliable, which can help security guards to notice of hazardous attempts and make instant and effective responses.


Based on the above factors and take budget into consideration, a hybrid solution was perfect for this upgrading. BMCI selected Dahua 3- and 2-megapixel HD network cameras for more than a thousand units and hundreds of hybrid DVRs in total. These cameras are installed in lobbies and self-service sectors, safeguarding the entrances, counters and the ATM kiosks, capturing and rendering crystal clear images with true color reproduction. Dahua DSS was used as its central monitoring software.


Dahua ITS Facilitates City’s Traffic

in Poland


Tricity (Trójmiasto) is an urban area consisting of three major northern Polish cities — Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopo, situated adjacent to one other on the coast of the Gdańsk Bay, Baltic Sea; covering an area of 414.81 square kilometers, accommodating nearly 1 million commuters each day.


As cities keep expanding and the major traffic concern is congestion. Its urban inner highway, which is the transport backbone, accommodating nearly 1 million commuters every day and people are spending more and more time on the road.

The local authority decided to use intelligent traffic system (ITS) to better control city traffic and solve out the congestion so that residents can have better efficiency of their work and life


Dahua provides Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPRs), red light enforcement, and speed systems for regulating driving behaviors and fight against traffic jams. For ANPR systems, Dahua 1.4-megapixel and 11-megapixel HD traffic cameras are adopted at intersections on main roads, taking care of the snapshot of front and back side of the vehicle respectively. Moreover, both loops and video detection are used to improve accuracy. As for speeding violations, speed systems are installed and approved by metrology law to make fines to control urban driving speed and improve road safety.

City Surveillance

Dahua Video Surveillance Provides Peace

of Mind in over 100 Brazilian Cities


As a member of the BRIC countries, Brazil has become one of the fastest growing major economies in the world and here comes along a reality—the fast urbanization and expansion brings security issues. The Brazil government started to launch a national safe city project which was across the coast from southern part all the way up to the north, from the state Santa Catarina to Roraima, including cities such as Florianópolis, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and etc.


It is a large-scaled project and for each city, they have their own specific conditions. Take a common problem as an example; there coexists rich zone and less-developed region, where requires different security deployment. But no matter what products and deployment are adopted, they have to be to-the-actual-condition under the goal of two “M”s — to minimize crimes and maximize citizens’ safety.


For the rich zones, cameras are mainly installed at the crossroads, public entrances, schools gates and elsewhere with high traffic flow, and privacy problem is taken good care by privacy masking function provided in Dahua DVR. As for the less well-ordered areas, such as shabby town, more focus are put on the key observation sectors; thus, domes and fixed cameras are used as combination to better fix and follow the target. The whole system runs Dahua comprehensive central management software and some customized functions are integrated to CMS to make it more timely responsive.

Meanwhile, a series of customization are offered in this case.


Dahua IP Solution to Upgrades Safe City

Projects of the Heavenly City of Hangzhou


Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang province in China, also known as heaven on Earth. Its divinely picturesque scenery, over thousand-year history, beautiful legends, and strong economy, has bestowed the city with a name as dream city. The city is consisted of eight administrative prefectures and two sub-urban districts, covering more than 16,596-square-km with a population of 884.4 million.


Hangzhou Safe city is among the first safe city projects in China tracing back to 2004, integrating public security and intelligent transportation system. The whole video surveillance system has to be interconnected and the video data shall be transmitted from local police stations, municipal management center to provincial management center. Below is to take Xiaoshan district as an example.


There are 32 local police stations in Xiaoshan equipped with Dahua IP surveillance system, collecting videos from over 3,000 cameras installed at intersections, tunnel/metro entrances, school gates and other public locations where with high intensity. In order to process and manage massive data volume, local police stations use 60 units of Dahua network video recorders, which are equipped with a quad-core processing chip and up to RAID5, ensuring smooth operation, data safety and system stability. The whole system runs Dahua comprehensive central management software DSS. Dahua’s zcameras are securing over 70 percent of whole Hangzhou traffic system.


Dahua Megapixel IP Solution

Secures Arabian Center in Dubai


Arabian Center, located in the southeastern Dubai, is a new shopping and entertainment destination for local residents.Sprawling over a total site area in excess of 80,000 square meters, Arabian Center is a home to 200 plus renowned retail stores, ranging from fashion lines to home furnishings, electronics and etc. The security of the shopping center is given to high priority as its board intends to provide store owners a good business platform and renders costumers with a cozy and safe shopping experience.


How to fight against theft and tackle with emergencies in such a wide space remains as a question. Meanwhile, different spots have their own specific requests; for example, the condition in warehouses, entrances and exits are no way the same as other areas in the mall. Other basic requests of this project includes crisp and clear image quality, in-décor design and a stable and reliable system.


342 units of Dahua 2-Megapixel Eco-Savvy network cameras are applied, different models for different occasions. To be specific, WDR cameras uses in-house algorithm to show better image performance, especially for the weather in Dubai.

The strong sunlight is all year round which makes WDR a must for the camera installation of entrances and exits. Low light cameras are also a good choice for warehouse monitoring. The whole system runs on Dahua Smart PSS (CMS software)to have a central control and management.


Barcelona Shopping Mall Upgrades with

Dahua IP Megapixel Solution


Heron City shopping mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Barcelona, Spain. The mall is stationed with many street-popular brands, along with a wide range of restaurants and a big underground supermarket. As a local popular shopping center, Heron has its existing analog surveillance system but requires an updated HD demand, including high definition, fast transmission, versatile video management and etc. However, the today’s Spanish market, the market share is still de facto analog system and people are not yet familiar with IP solutions, as network setting is not as that easy as analog one.


The goal is to efficiently prevent thefts, deter crimes as well as increase customer safety. Therefore, the mall executives take not only product performance but also camera design, disk capacity, ease of use, maintenance, and other factors into account.


Dahua 2-megapixel IR bullet (IPC-HFW3200SP) and 2-megapixel eyeball domes (IPC-HDW2100P) feature the design to meet the scenarios for both indoor and outdoor. These cameras are perfectly designed for public open areas, entrances and exits, cashier in stores and parking lots. The 2-megapixel speed dome features Dahua in-house block camera, rendering clear and crisp images, and its IR distance reaches up to 100 meters, ensuring a wide range vision at poor-lighting surroundings. The PoE NVR saves a lot of time and support 8-ch 1080P playback; meanwhile, it support dual-stream recording, which is to record the real-time main stream and extra stream of all IP camera at the same time.


Dahua HDCVI Secures Five-Star Rated Hotels

at CICA Shanghai


CICA Shanghai was hosted during 20 to 21 of May and the conference plays a significant role in security cooperation throughout Asia, Xi Jinping, President of People’s Republic of China also attended and presided over the summit. More than 50 reception hotels are required to upgrade surveillance system from standard definition to high definition.


The biggest challenge is under great pressure by time frame, how to make sure the image quality and product replacement would not compromise the daily reception and security concern of these five-star rated hotels.


Dahua HDCVI successfully upgrade the system without changing the existing cabling while also provides long-distance and non-latent image quality. Moreover, the whole upgrade takes more or less 10 days to as cabling are remained, only cameras, DVRs along with fiber optical transceivers are replaced by HDCVI ones.With aesthetic requirement for the hotels, HDCVI offers wide range of housings and its speed domes and box cameras are perfectly coexisting with the décor in the lobby, reception, entrance and dining areas.


Dahua Secures UNESCO Site in Silicy


The Island of Sicily, off the south of Italy, is home to a great portion of these historical monuments, and among them, Duomo di Monreale Cathedral is one of the most outstanding examples not to be missed. It is of utmost importance to protect the site with the best and most modern technology in an intangible way.


While considering the solution scheme, the main priority to bear in mind was to maintain the historical characteristic of building and IP technology was undoubtedly the best way forward as it allows for minimum cabling and, so is less invasive, ensuring that the delicate and subtle décor and surroundings of the cathedral remained in tact; moreover, due to the dim lighting inside, the cameras low illumination performance needed to be excellent.


8 units of the Dahua 1.3 MP IR dome cameras were used, and the resulting video streams are processed through a PoE switch to a 16-chanel network video recorder NVR. As for the exterior, Dahua 1.3MP mini IR-bullet camera was installed for its deiscreet appearance and superior night vision performance. The system runs Dahua PSS, a central management system to view images both locally and remotely via ADSL/3G connections. Moreover, the system as a whole is cascaded to its upper platforms of the Monreale Archdiocese , and the data is able to be transmitted to other public as well as private organizations, in orde to better promote Sicilian culture and tourism.


Dahua Ensures the Safety of

Italian Motorsports Park


Modena, known as “the capital of engines”, is an ancient town in Italy, it is the haven for racing enthusiasts since a lot factories of the famous Italian sports car makes like Ferrari, De Tomaso. Lamborghini, Pagani and Meserati are now or once located here. The circuit length of the park reaches 2.7 Km and the pit lane is with 21 boxes, new telemetric system and a well equipped paddock.


Both of the well-knowing high risks of racing and its open outdoor environment pile up the difficulty and complexity for Autodrome di Modena in terms of security. During the design phase, two requirements were on the table, one was for the sake of security control; the other one was to offer checking on the racing of cars & motorbikes.


Dahua provides 2-megapixel full HD network cameras (IPC-HF3200) and speed dome cameras (SD6982A-HN). The storage device is Dahua 128-Channel Super NVR. With Dahua VMS, this set safeguards the venue with superb image quality with ever detail captured, along with flexible and convenient management; most of all, the open architecture of super NVR makes it possible for a further implementation in the long run.


Dahua IP Megapixel Solution

Secures an Italian Pescara Port


Pescara harbor, an Italian port stretching along the Adriatic Coast in Pescara, is of significance for the trading and tourism around the region. The port covers a dock, a freight yard and a sea bridge, which is one of the biggest cyclo-pedestrian in Europe.


The complexities once encountered in this case includes the unpleasant weather and high humidity of the region as it may cause the erosion of devices and thus shorten their lifespan; also the high temperature and moisture may affect the smooth transmission of IP stream during deployment and installation.


The system adopts a ring networking structure with optical fiber adopted instead of a conventional star-topology one; and to further guarantee an adequate bandwidth at 108Mbps for the cycling lane, the radio transmission system was configured at an access point of dual band 2.4/5.8GHz. At the product front, Dahua 3- and 2-megapixel IR cameras (IPC-HFW3300P/IPC-HFW3200CP) and 2Mp 20x speed domes (SD6982A/6523H-HN) cursed into the final after series of testing Equipped with lens of 3.3-12mm and 8-16mm, box cameras manage to take a wide range scenario under surveillance What´s more, with the help of high efficient IR LEDs, cameras could also render a superb night vision effect; and as for the back-end devices, Dahua NVR, DH-SVR3016H, is applied as it can satisfy the storage of large volume footage as well as its RAID function can manage to enhance reliability and stability of the system.