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Private, Secure and Encrypted Solutions.

We are a company focused on providing Secure, Technological, Engineering, turn-key solutions to the South Florida market. We specialize in Secure Communications, Professional Video Surveillance, Structured Cabling, Access Control, Facial Recognition, Video Analytics, Video Presence, Private and Secure Messages, and more cutting edge technology. We deliver professional solutions with excellent post sale support.


Unifed Communications - IP PBX

Top of the line Solutions. HD Audio, conferencing, recording, video calls, call center and more.

Video Surveillance System

State of the art video surveillance with 5 years warranty.

Video Conferencing Solution.

Feeling of proximity with Fonax Video Presence Solution.

Geo located control system

Control your task force or technicians in the field with this powerful tool, Collect data on real time in the field.

Structured Cabling

Professional and certified structured cabling solutions.

Private Bunker Massage

Keep your communications safe. Corporate Messaging system, private, secure and encrypted.




Industry alliances


TECHNO IP establishes alliances with Florida’s leading general and electrical contractors, architectural firms, property developers, and real estate agencies to provide Technological Secure and Structured Cabling Solutions for high-profile building projects.



Technology alliances


In order to deliver the highest level of products and services, TECHNO IP has established a network of strategic alliances with the industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors and solution providers.


We service Doral,  Miami-Dade, Broward County, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, Brickell Florida USA
Solutions:  Category 6, Wire, Cable, Data, Fiber Optics, Security, Industrial, Commercial, Buildings, Apartment Buildings, HOA’s, Condo Corps, Warehouses and Shopping Complexes.


Unified Communications / Ultra Secure IP PBX

We have specially designed, Professional turn-key solutions for Corporates, Schools, Banks and Government segment, based on our Private, Secure, & Encrypted systems. We provide cost effective solutions with one time purchase with no license renewal necessary, and in addition we provide transfer of technology to clients that require it to avoid yearly licensing fees.

Ultra Secure Video Presence

Private, Secure and Encrypted solutions help you catch every nuance and get more done. Make every meeting count and reduce operational costs for everything from sales and management to product development and training.Feeling of proximity. Utilizing the highest level of development of Video & Audio mixing solutions, providing access from various geographical locations which optimizes costs for companies & organizations.

Video Surveillance

We provide professional video surveillance solutions with 5 years warranty and support of the manufacturer. We represent Dahua Technology for Video Surveillance Solutions.

Geo Located Control System

Orders and Tasks Geo Positioned for any company that needs to see and control personnel in the field of work. ( Suitable for technicians, sales persons, medical visitors, or any work in the field.). This solution allows to track the persons, to follow up tasks, orders and to take Geo located photos and to collect information on real time in the field.

Structured Cabling

Our team of mangers & estimators are ready to help you design your cabling system to meet your current & future needs. We have over 7 years of experience. Our Technical experience stems from our many years in the Telecom & Structured Cabling Industry.

Industry leading wireless broadband solutions

We take you most complex wireless broadband challenges and provide custom solutions that are certifies, protected and prove.

Private Bunker Message

We Keep your communications safe. Corporate Messaging system, private, secure and encrypted.

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